| June 19th, 2013

Yesterday, I arrived at the Vinyl Lounge June 13, 2013 for weigh in’s for WSOF 3. I met with Rhett Buttler,T-Wade and Ray Sefo to get my credentials and to help check in the fighters.
The fighters came and went with their entourage in tow, camera’s following closely behind them and people lined up to get their autographs… It was surreal to know that, this time tomorrow I will be part of one of the biggest pro promotions and it will be aired Live on NBC Sports!
Once the fighters completed check in, it is time for the weigh in’s to begin. I go into the audience and grab a seat in the front row making sure I don’t miss a second.
Today is fight day! I checked my list over and over making sure I have everything I need for my night to be successful. Adrian dropped me off at the Hard Rock Casino. I grabbed my bags, said, “See you later!” And made the trek to The Joint arena to get this adventure started.
It seemed like forever as I waited for the elevator to take me to the second floor to meet with the rest of the guys.
I walked out and there was Rhett Buttler, just the man I needed to see! Rhett had given me a quick tour, showing me where we can store our items. Rhett had made a very thoughtful sign for our room. It was labeled “Cutman and CutWoman” I felt so special!
After showing us to our room, Rhett walked us to the ring. He suggested we take the stairs instead of the elevator, in case it were to break down. We walked to the ring as a group and began our conversation on what he expects to go down at show time.
We quickly left ringside to return to the second floor to start our Cutman meeting. In the meeting, Rhett sat down with T-Wade, myself and the 3 fellow Cutman. Here, Rhett and T-Wade were letting us know what times he wants all the fighters gloved and ready to go, as well as letting us know that myself and one of the other selected Cutman will be working the Main Event!! Wow, I get to work the Main Event Live on NBC Sports?!? I’m freaking out inside, this is incredible!!
With that news, the meeting was over and it was now up to us Cutman to figure out the rest of the fight card, who will work what. We talked it over and quickly came up with a great plan. I will be Red corner and Myself and my partner will work Un-televised fights 4, 5 and the co-main and Main Event (fights 8,9) I’m stoked right now!!
We disburse to our rooms to start wrapping the fighters we were assigned. I had 3 fighters that night to wrap.
After a short delay waiting for the commissions arrival, 2 of my fighters were wrapped, gloved and taped in no time! Show was starting, so it was a perfect time to head back to our Cutman room to start preparing to go ring side.
As I’m getting ready, I heard the rumble of a full arena, the ring announcer starts to announce the first bout. Omg, this is it, no turning back now it’s about to go down! I sat in the balcony watching the fights periodically, as I set up my supplies, getting increasingly more and more excited for my turn at the ring.
Before I knew it, fight 3 was beginning to start. I grabbed my tray and headed down the stairs to wait for the transition. Bout 3 seemed like it took only a second to be finished. I grabbed my tray, walked to my seat to relieve the other Cutman. I congratulated him on some good fights he had taken care of before he left. I slid my tray under my chair, put my gloves and Vaseline on, grabbed my towel and took center stage.
There are cameras and screaming fans everywhere, the atmosphere was more intense than I have experienced before.. As I’m waiting for the fighter to come to the ring, I start looking around. I see Bas Rutten from Inside MMA, NBC Sports personnel, cables running everywhere and the commentators doing their thing. Holy cow, this is amazing!
The music starts to bump, my heart starts to beat faster and faster..
I only made it in the ring one time for my bouts 4 and 5. John Gunderson suffered a bloody nose, but overall was fine. Before I knew it, it was time for me to go wrap Jon Fitch’s hands. I ran to the back to put my tray away. I was hustling, I had Jon Fitch waiting in his room for me. I was running up the 3 flights of stairs, sometimes skipping 1-2 stairs at a time. I made it to the Cutman room in record time. I put my tray away and grabbed my wrap bag and didn’t slow down until I made it to Fitch. There he was, sitting in his chair, chillin’. There were 3 cameramen in the room, they all asked if it was okay to film, I of course, said, ” Absolutely!”
The room was so quiet, you could hear a needle drop. We were all in beast mode 🙂 I’m not ashamed to say…. I was so nervous! Here i’am, wrapping the champion, Jon Fitch’s hands, 3 cameramen recording my every move. How can you not be sweating!?
I was finished! Jon’s hands were wrapped, he rolled his wrists twice, then said, “They feel great.” Phew! I knew I did a great job, but with that kind of pressure, it’s hard to not think you didn’t do them perfect! I quickly left so he could start his warm up and so I can go replenish my tray and get ready for the Co-Main event.
Bout 7 is starting so I take my place down stairs in case this fight is over in seconds. 3 rounds later, I relieve the other Cutman for the last time for the night. Co-main event was awesome, no damage on either fighter. The fighters fought hard!
Main event is here. Jon Fitch arrives first. My partner greased him and the Ref checked him over, then sent him up the stairs to his corner. Immediately, following, is Josh Burkman. He hugged his camp and stood before me to grease him for battle. Off he goes to the Red corner.
I sit down and get ready. Knowing how Fitch throws mean elbows, I’m definitely anticipating possible damage to Josh, but knowing Josh, he is so well rounded, there is a huge chance he wont be touched! The bell rings and they are battling. They circle each other a few times, Fitch gets Burkman against the cage, then Burkman runs into Fitch with some hard strikes, one strike knocks Fitch to the ground. Once Fitch is down, Burkman waste no time to submit Fitch with started out as a RNC. Boom, Fitch went limp and Burkman let go with the victory!
In an instance, fights were over and my night had come to an end. I loved every second of being with the fighters and the production. I cannot wait to do it again!
Amazing fighters, thank goodness there was no major damage. It was a very clean show.
My experience with WSOF was career changing. They took great care of me in every way! They asked me to come back for WSOF 4 which will be held in Ontario, Ca on August 10th, with Ray Sefo and Dave Huckaba headlining!
Thank you WSOF for everything, thank you Adrian Rosenbusch, Stitch and Rob Monroe for your advice, it kept me calm and relaxed the whole night! 🙂 thank you Chrissie for coming as well, your awesome!