Titan FC 25

| June 10th, 2013





I had the great pleasure to work with Titan FC this weekend at Ft. Riley! It was an honor to be at The Big Red One and to be in the presence of these Soldier’s! As the fights began to start, we were first greeted by the Honor Guard. We placed our hands over our hearts, stood together and got lost in the National Anthem. It was very difficult for me to keep my composure. For a few reasons. Here we are standing with people who give their lives for all of us everyday! Right now, in this moment, they would lay it down for us. There is nothing more greater than that. It also touched me personally. In September 2012, I lost a very special person in my life. SGT. Nathan Golnitz. He was a soldier in the Army that was deployed to Afghanistan. Him and a few members of his crew were hit by a suicide bomber and paid the ultimate price. I thought of him the whole time I was there, honoring his soul. My eyes filled with tears. It was tough, but I held it together! 🙂

Soon after the Anthem, out came the soldier’s for the Combat fight team! They were AMAZING.. They fought in the cage with intense focus and powerful brotherhood. I have worked a lot of different fights, but I have never experienced anything like this. It was incredible! Once the Combat fight team finished, we took a 30 minute intermission before we go LIVE with AXS.TV at 9PM. I took this time to refill my ice and ice pack, have a snack!

Boom! Before I knew it, It’s show time!! I put on my wristband, gloves, squeezed Vaseline on my left hand grabbed my towel and made my way to the front to meet my first fighter. Music starts, cameras get into position and out comes my fighter. With his music now blowing through the speakers, he walks out with confidence and concentration ready for battle. I tell him to remove his clothing and hug his camp. After his camp said their good bye’s, I greased him and directed him to the Ref who then checked him over and sent him into the cage.

There were 6 Pro fights that night. All of them were intense!! There were specialist’s in every aspect of skill. There were knees, elbow’s, striking, round houses, KO’s and Tap outs. My fellow Cutman Michael Dreisbach and I, dealt with it all. I had a few cut’s and swelling to tend to that night, but working in a different state meant there were different rules for Cutman. I did what I needed to do, and assisted each fighter as I was allowed.

I want to again thank Ft. Riley and the Soldier’s, Titan FC, Joe Kelly, Michael Dreisbach, T-Mac, the KSAC. Stitch Premium, kept me sharp all night! 🙂 Thank you everyone for this opportunity! I will see you again!