Tuff N Uff 5-26-2013

| May 28th, 2013








I had the best night ever at Tuff N Uff this weekend! I arrived at the venue around 3pm to meet the guys from Fight! Magazine. I’m stoked to be a feature in such an elite magazine! We walked into the arena and made our way cage side to complete the interview and photo portion of the article.
After I finished answering the remaining questions, I set up my station to wrap the reporters hand, so he could get the complete feel of a fight experience on fight night!
Once I was done wrapping the reporters hand, the photographer for Fight! Magazine took me around the arena to capture some great shots.
We finished pre-photos and while the guys went back to their rooms to get ready for the fights, I started helping with what I could to set up the floor for the show. Adrian called me over to the cage side seating area to show me my cheering section….
Holy cow, I’ve never seen anything like it! There I’m front of me were 2 reserved seats for Fight! Magazine, 1 for Adrian, and 6 more reserved for Stitch and his family!! I couldn’t believe they were all there to support me..! Wow, I feel incredible!
The staff started to arrive and it was time for rules meeting. The ISKA, fighters and coaches, gathered around to listen to the rules for the night.
Backing up for just a minute, a few months ago, there was an incident that happened with me, where I entered the cage between a round of a fight to tend to a fighter that was cut above his eye and his eye was starting to swell shut. The moment I reached the fighter…. I was physically assaulted.
I was shocked and offended.. No one has ever touched me out of anger before. The ISKA and the Commission both took immediate action and has since taken further action to protect me and to make sure it never happens to ANYONE again!
So during this weekends rules meeting and from now on, the ISKA let everyone know that if there is any kind of assault, your looking at a Felony charge. To hear that, was empowering in a way as well as comforting, knowing that there is now even more protection for everyone.
Anyways, back to the story, before I knew it, rules meeting was over and it was time to head to the locker rooms and start wrapping my first fighter of the evening.
The photographer came into the back and started snapping pictures of me wrapping hands. I wrapped everyone on my list that needed their hands wrapped. I wished everyone the best of luck and made it cage side with plenty of time to get my supplies together for the 2nd half of my night.
I filled my KO Swell/end swells container with ice along with packing my ice packs! I slipped on my gloves, put swabs in my wrist band, and secured it to my wrist. Squeezed Vaseline onto my left hand and grabbed my towel. I greeted my cheering section with a smile as I walked past them to meet my first fighter.
The warriors all fought great fights. There were a few cuts, but there were more KO’s in this one night, than I have ever seen in a fight! With fighter safety being our highest priority, along with being the only Cutman that night, each scenario was a challenge and each challenge was an adrenaline rush. The night was exciting!
Fights ended and the night was coming to a close. I made my rounds to congratulate the fighters that won and to encourage the one’s that didn’t. Said hello and good bye to the new fans I met and the friends I get to work with.
I love what I do and I thank all of the fighters, coaches, staff, Tuff N Uff, Kerry Hartney, Fight! Magazine, the ISKA and the Nevada State Athletic Commission for allowing me to follow my dreams and take care of these warriors! Thank you Chrissie, Adrian, Stitch and Family for your support this weekend! You all rock, I love you all!