In 2006, Swayze saw a billboard in Anchorage that promoted an AFC MMA fight. She parked her car, bought her ticket, and went into the event. After experiencing the powerful atmosphere of the event, she had fight fever and had to be a part of it! Dreaming of becoming the first Cutwoman in the UFC, Swayze contacted the Legendary Jacob “Stitch” Duran to find out how to become a Cutman. Following his advice, she studied his videos and watched Cutmen in action at UFC fights.

While living in Idaho, Swayze volunteered at a gym five days a week and wrapped all of the fighters’ hands she could. The 120 mile round trip drive was no hurdle at all for a woman on a mission! In 2010, Swayze and her two children moved to Washington where she contacted every promoter she could find and drove hours to work a variety of Pro/Ammy MMA shows.

Swayze was invited to help out with Tuff N Uff’s Candle Lighters promotion, called Knock Out Cancer, that was being held at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas in 2011. On fight day, she was introduced to a fellow Cutman, Adrian “Tenacity” Rosenbusch, and together they worked wrapping hands. Swayze later contacted Adrian to ask him to provide her further training as a Cutwoman. That training turned into a mentorship that helped Swayze improve her Cutwoman skills, make new contacts, and work new venues, beginning with Battle at the Roseland and Sport Fight, run by UFC veteran Matt Lindland in Oregon, and the U of MMA, in Los Angeles.

Swayze’s career as a Cutwoman took off when she was invited to work a number of Pro/Ammy productions in Las Vegas including, WSOF, Bellator, King of the Cage, Tuff N Uff, Sin City MMA and the WFC and now she can add UFC to her list. She also worked Muay Thai shows at the Hard Rock, East Side Cannery, and One Kick Nick’s. Swayze also has had the honor of wrapping the hands of elite UFC fighters including, Chael Sonnen, Brian Stann, Yushin Okami and Jon Fitch.

Swayze continues to work under the mentorship of Cutman Adrian “Tenacity” Rosenbusch, while having the support of fellow elite Cutmen Rob Monroe, Don House, and Jacob “Stitch” Duran, who named her “The Queen of Cuts.” In 2013 she has become better known in the MMA world through radio and video interviews for The Story, Fight Life Radio, and Fight Life Media. Swayze has also has been featured in Fight! Magazine, Babes of MMA, USA Today and Las Vegas Review-Journal. She continues to rise in the world of combat sports with her unrelenting determination, professionalism, and skill.


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